Our Year 2018

Fifteen Years and Counting

Looking Back

I'm so often asked what we think of France and whether I think that we made a good decision in fleeing our native land that I've created a special page to cover that topic. If you want to consult it, go here. The Brexit decision has serious potential repercussions which are currently largely undefined - but we have taken all necessary steps to ensure that we can stay here, even if we are somewhat poorer.
I was once accused on a group website by a French national of imposing myself on a country that I neither know or care about. This was so wrong that I wrote this in rebuttal.

La Réunion

We've long wanted to visit the French island of La Réunion - an active volcano in the Indian ocean - particularly during those cold, depressing days after Christmas and before Spring. We'd booked a room for late Feb/early March in a beach resort but we had also paid for a number of excursions so we wouldn't be bored.
Unfortunately La Réunion was in the path of tropical cyclone Dumazile and so most of the excursions were written off and we spent some time sheltering in the hôtel bar.
There's an album of photographs of our tour here and a longer tale of woe here.

Rosès in Gerona, Spain

In early May we spent a long weekend in Rosès with students of Christine's French class. We ate well and socialised and managed to fit in a visit to the Dali Museum in Figueres.

Provence and Roussillon

As an easy relaxation from the strains of foreign parts and their hurricanes, in late May/early June we took an easy drive across the South of France to spend "A Week in Provence", doing "The Peter Mayle Trail" around the Luberon.
There's an abum of photos here and a write-up here

The North Coast of Spain

For an autumn break we chose an area unknown to us, the Biscay coast of Spain. This extends some 700 mountainous kilometres from the French border to Santiago de Compostela - those pilgrims must have been hardy types! We took a week to explore some of the area - maybe a taster for a longer stay later. Our main objectives were the Guggenheim Museum, the scenery of the Picos de Europa and the food of San Sebastián.
There's an abum of photos here and a write-up here .

Christmas at Tessel Bas

Christmas at home once more; this time Peter and GF Karen flew in to Toulouse from Berlin.
And again my Christmas lunch in England with the old fogies of Marconi didn't happen; the lunch was scheduled just before Christmas so the flights were very expensive.

2018 in Pictures

Beach, La Réunion. Cirque de Mafate, viewpoint.
Rosès, Girona, Spain Ceiling in Dali Museum
Roussillon, Provence Les Baux de Provence
Christine & Jeff Koon's Tulips View from Fuente De cable car station


Sadly the "big holiday" to La Réunion was a disappointment due to the horrendous weather, but the three extra motoring holidays made our Honda CR-V feel loved and broke up the year.
Next year sees Ian pass the BIG EIGHTIETH BIRTHDAY! (d.v.)

May you all have a happy and prosperous 2019!


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