Our Year 2020

Eighteen Years and Counting

Looking Back

I'm so often asked what we think of France and whether I think that we made a good decision in fleeing our native land, that I've created a special page to cover that topic. If you want to consult it, go here. The Brexit farce has been signed off, but the Withdrawal Agreement allows residents such as us to stay here with our lives more-or-less unchanged, although our freedom of movement to the other EU countries has been curtailed.
I was once accused on a group website by a French national of imposing myself on a country that I neither know or care about. This was so wrong that I wrote this in rebuttal.

Memories from the Pre-Lockdown Era

This photo is from our Caribbean holiday to St Vincent and The Grenadines. The holiday was in 2019 to celebrate my 80th Birthday, but I make no apologies for including it; it's a lovely picture, the sea really was that colour, and I've got very little to write about Lockdown 2020!
Still remeniscing, there's an album of photographs of our holiday here and a fuller description here.

A Brave Start

We made a brave start to 2020 with the Simon's 50th Birthday celebrations, followed by one of Lucy's plays in Lectoure. But then CoVID-19 and its lockdowns struck…

Holiday Hiccough

We booked a short coach trip around the Var dèpartement (South of France) in late March, which was cancelled and postponed to late September. We refused to go on the latter and nearly lost half the cost; after some negotiation we've got a credit note for the full amount to be spent in 2021 - God and CoVID-19 willing!

Le Confinement

Yes, we greatly missed seeing our family and friends and going on holiday for a change of scene. But while many others were stuck in urban flats on a reduced income, I had a year in a country cottage with a charming companion - hardly purgatory!

2020 in Pictures

Outing to local AmDram July was hot…
Belated 80th pressie from me to me! Lockdown walks…
Two Christmas elves with Santa Mist fairies on the River Lot 26/12/2020


The least said, the better!

May you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021!


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