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24 June 2014 - Kittens invade! Jan 2015 - we grew!
Roux - Nov 2015 Safran - May 2015

If you've deduced that we're totally besotted with our ginger beasts, you're probably right. Having lost both Henri and Magic in a short space of time, there were a couple of empty pussycat-shaped spaces at Tessel Bas and Roux and Safran have filled them amply.
We didn't consciously try to find an Henri substitute, but Roux isn't a bad try. He's affectionate, has gorgeous long fur, is a little thick and not very brave, just like Henri. But he's still his own cat and very definitely not an Henri replacement - he does tend to be a bit of a bully at times, but Safran puts up with it less and less as she gets older and bigger.
Roux was called "Indy" at the cattery - we changed it to "Roux" which is the French for the gingery russet colour of his fur - and it's easy to say. Safran was "Saffron" - we changed to the French spelling to avoid problems at the vets - inevitably she gets called "Saffy".
Safran was a little distant for the first few days but is now a lovely, affectionate cat with loads of get up and go and she's much braver than Roux the wuss.
I just hope they last us a long time…


Gabrielle d'Estrées, Marquise de Monceaux, Duchesse de Beaufort, was Henri IV's favourite mistress. Our Gaby was our Henri IV's twin sister - and the Henri IV = Henri Quatre = Henri Cat joke isn't funny any more, but she's still Gaby. She was intrigued by Henri's grave and but keeps well away from it and has taken over some of Henri's duties - particularly the sitting on laps.
She's very talkative with a large vocabulary of "prrr-miaouws" and can be very loving. She has put up with the new kittens remarkable well - there were a few hissy fits to start with, but she's stopped trying to bully the kittens as they got larger - now it's Roux that barges her away from her bowl!


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