Other sites with links to mine, so noblesse oblige!...

Marconi Old Geezer's Society
- my mailing list for the MOGS.
Vivre en France
- my social and support group for anglophone expats in France.
La Vie en France on Facebook
- a reserve or alternative for the Yahoo group above.
The Valentine Golf Society
- a group of MOGS who try hard to hit golf balls in the right direction at Braxted Park Golf Club.
Engineers of South-West France
- my group for engineers stranded in La France Profonde, far from the jolly goings-on in Paris.
Engineers of South-West France (Facebook)
A Facebook Group page for those Engineers of South-West France who are young enough for Facebook.
David Klyne's Caravan Travels
- in the UK and Europe with help and advice and site reports.
Mad Caravanning by Gray
- a lot more sane than it sounds!
Peter Hornby's Languedoc site
- (not the Lot & Garonne of course, but there's no accounting for taste!).
My Blog about News and Events in Sainte-Colombe-de-Villeneuve, Lot & Garonne.
Les Fans de Sainte-Colombe-de-Villeneuve
A Facebook Group page for everyone interested in Sainte-Colombe-de-Villeneuve
Les Chats de Tessel Bas
A Facebook page for our perfect pampered pussies.

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