DIARY 2018

New Format

The Diary for previous years up to 2015 was constructed principally from posts in my Yahoo internet group “La Vie en France”. This year most of the group posts have been on the Facebook equivalent, from which it is more difficult to extract the text.
In the past I've found the “Diary” useful for remembering what went on and when; as a result this years “Diary” is a mix of dates, links and text; a kind of annotated calendar…

Peter visit

31/1 - 7/2

La Réunion

27/2 - 8/3
Photos on Flickr

Rosès, España

3/5 - 6/5

Luberon, Provence

27/5 - 3/6
Photos on Google

Cantabria, España

17/9 - 23/9
Photos on Google

Christine UK

4/4 - 14/4

Christine UK

23/8 - 30/8

Christine UK

27/10 - 3/11

Peter & Karen visit

21/12 - 26/12


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