Issue A.000    13/1/2000     Uploaded to

Issue A.001    15/1/2000     Added links to Home Page for “Add Me” and “Starting Point”.

Issue A.002    15/1/2000     Added link to Jim Backus Site (apropos of nothing, other than him being a JORN receiver expert and good bloke who went to Oz and said nice things about my site).

Issue A.003    16/1/2000     “default.htm” on server deleted so that meta tags in “index.html” will be indexed by web crawlers. “Jim Bacchus” changed to “Jim Backus” (Freudian slip?). Union Flag added to Home page.

Issue A.004    26/1/2000     Added following pages (navigate via Home Page/Potted Career links):- 5 x UKADGE pages (Intro, YUKSL Saga, Son of YUKSL Saga, Alternative CDR, Transatlantic English); 2 x South Africa pages (Intro, Ancient Civilisation in Transvaal). Fixed home link on this page.

Issue A.005    6/12/2000     Added "Xmas 2000" Report and added appropriate links to Epilogue page.

Issue A.006    2/9/2001       Updated hyperlinks and removed Add Me and Starting Point links/graphics on Home Page.

Issue A.007    15/10/2001   Revised Home Page to include Christine and Peter.

Issue A.008    14/12/2001   Added Venice2001 files.

Issue A.009    16/12/2001   Added Xmas2001 files, added link from Home Page.

Issue A.010    23/12/2002   Added Xmas 2002 place holder, plus link from Home Page & Epilogue. Updated Home Page.

Issue A.011    26/12/2002   Put specific path into hyperlinks to “big” versions of pictures throughout site, since entry in the root directory had become, for reasons unknown, not enough for a successful call.

Issue A.012    11/02/2009   Specific path to freeserve removed for “BIG” pictures and dead links updated/deleted ready to upload to Nordnet.