Potted Career - Ian Gillis.

(refrigerate when opened).


1950-57                      King Charles I Grammar School, Kidderminster


1957-59†††††††††† University of Birmingham (Electrical Engineering Department)


1958††††††††††††††† Uni vacation course in TV Test, Marconiís Wireless Telegraph Co., New St., Chelmsford.

(1959-62 †††††††† RAF Service, last two years at RAF Boulmer)

1962††††††††††††††† Joined Military & Naval Projects Group, Radar Division, New St., MWT Co.

1962-71†††††††††† Project Nassau Phases I & II (South Africa Northern Air Defence Sector). New St. then Baddow. Spent 1970 in South Africa during installation of Phase II, as Site Systems Engineer. Link to Ianís South African writings. Subsequent sales support trips including a radar survey in Kashmir.

1970ís†††††††††††† Moved to Crompton Works, Writtle Rd., promoted to Chief of Special ATC Systems; mainly sales support work but including Plot Extractor Test vehicle for the CAA in 1976 and a Locus 16 display system for BAe Warton terminal area. Demonstrator for ATC Demo facility. Operational requirement study for Astrid display system. Further trips to Brussels, Kuwait, Malaysia, Brunei, Norway and Denmark.

1979-85                      IUKADGE; trips to Los Angeles during bid phase then Section Chief of six engineers responsible for specification of Display & Voice Communications Subsystem. Link to Ianís UKADGE writings.

1985-86†††††††††† Proposal Manager for UKAIR CCIS, Nimrod Enhancements and PoACCS.

1987-91†††††††††† Study Leader for study of Plot Assignor process, for replacement of PRDS at LATCC West Drayton and on impact of Mode S on RDP systems. Proposal manager for UKADS ST908 Study and ATCC for Oslo FIR. Requirement Authority for new S361 Raster-based ATC workstation. Visits to Bretigny and Brussels.

1991-97†††††††††† Requirements Manager for JORN (Jindalee Over-the-Horizon Radar Network) based in Melbourne Australia, including additional spells as Risk Manager and Surveillance Manager. Holidays in Fiji, Tahiti, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Hawaai and all Australian States.

1997-98†††††††††† Requirements Manager for JORN based in Eastwood House.

1998††††††††††††††† Took early retirement.

The Future!†† Explore England and Europe by caravan, read more, ski more, motor bike more, garden more, avoid more housework, do more jewellery & silversmithing, edit all my Australian video camera tapes, categorise all my 35mm slides, see more of six children, sell house when youngest finishes school and buy a cottage in France or emigrate to Australia. Bankrupt Stanhope Pension Trust by living to a ripe old age.