I write this in early 2000, the year that many have celebrated as the first year of the third millennium; however the more numerate amongst us realise that it is actually the last year of the second millennium (which at least gives us an excuse for a big party on 31st December 2000!). We have been home in England for nearly three years now; for the first 15 months I carried on my job as Requirements Manager for the Australian project. However this job had become, in the latter stages of the JORN project, substantially that of just a database manager and had lost what creative interest it had previously held for me. In addition political moves in the upper echelons of the participating companies were changing the workshare, leaving Marconi with very little. So I was glad to seize the golden parachute that was offered and take early retirement. So how do we feel now? Well, in the spirit of the foregoing the best I can do is to refer the reader to my subsequent “annual reports”; written in Xmas 1997, Xmas 1998, Xmas 1999, Xmas 2000, Xmas 2001 and Xmas 2002.


However, dear reader, having survived thus far, I cannot let you go without three more pictures:-


 This one is “Magic” who is probably the most delightful black pussycat I have ever encountered (keeping the Discovery engine warm);

Magic hatching out the Disco engine (hope the cambelt doesn't break again!)




The Land Rover Discovery and the caravan passing through the French Alps on the way to Italy – a vehicle of which I had dreamed but which regrettably proved to be unreliable;

Just after the Fréjus tunnel; cam belt not broken yet!








Lastly, in rural France, our former caravan and “The Beast”, a Toyota Colorado that is periodically inflicted with dragging the caravan around Europe during our periodic peregrinations.

The Beast and Caravan at Le Gros Theil near Rouen










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